Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Used correctly, Facebook advertising can grow social communities, build brands, generate in-store traffic and increase eCommerce conversions. Contact us to learn how we can help grow your business with Facebook advertising.

Facebook Advertising Service

Facebook has quickly become the second most popular digital advertising platform after search advertising and is expected to pass search in the near future. Its Facebook’s ability to reach both a broad as well as a very specific audience that sets them apart from other digital advertising solutions. For example, if you were a bike shop owner you could reach people in your market area who were avid cyclists, or even target people who have purchase cycling products online—the targeting options are endless.

Facebook Advertising Service

Facebook Ad Solutions

Drive Local Store Traffic

Local Facebook AdsFacebook advertising can be used to drive foot traffic into your physical store location. By targeting Facebook users on their mobile phones or tablets you can reach users when they are in your market area and prompt them to visit your store.

Drive Website Sales

Website Facebook AdsFacebook advertising can be used to target people who are actively shopping for your products online. By matching your customer profile with lookalike Facebook users you can use Facebook to acquire new customers and build your business.

Grow Your Facebook Community

Facebook-Like-AdvertisingNeed to grow your Facebook page likes? Facebook has unique advertising tools that allow you to reach the optimal audience to build your Facebook likes with qualified people who have a high likelihood of becoming customers and active social media community members.

Retarget Website Visitors

Facebook Ad RetargetingFacebook’s ad re-targeting tools allow you to reach people who have visited your website or build custom audiences from customer email lists and other offline marketing efforts.


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