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With consumer attention spans dwindling is very important that your marketing and advertising reaches your target audience at the right time on the right device. Twitter advertising is one way to breakthrough the clutter and reach your audience on their mobile device.

Twitter Marketing & Advertising

With a myriad of targeting options you can use Twitter advertising to reach your audience by targeting by followers, device, keyword, location, gender, interest and endless combinations of these selects. You can even build your own custom audiences with your in-house CRM lists. All these targeting tools make Twitter advertising an effective method for acquiring new customers and building your business.

Twitter Advertising Placement

Twitter Ad Solutions

Promote Your Tweets to Gain Exposure

Twitter Promoted TweetsPromoted Tweets allow you to reach a wider audience outside of your existing Twitter Followers with a regular Tweet. An example, would be if you were Tweeting about a new product launch and wanted to expand the exposure of the Tweet, you could promote the Tweet to an audience outside of your Twitter Followers.

Promote Your Account to Grow Followers

Twitter Promoted AccountsBy promoting an account your Twitter account will be recommended to people that you have targeted. Promoted accounts is a great way to quickly build your Twitter Followers with people who match your business’ target audience.

Promote Your Trending Hashtag on Twitter

Twitter Promoted TrendsPromoted trends is a great way to increase exposure for time-, content-, and event-sensitive promotions. These promoted trends are placed at the top of the trending topics list.


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