Using Video as a Marketing Tool

Social media has long been a major marketing tool for all industries. It is constantly changing and evolving to better suit the needs of those marketers that use it. Social media advertising and marketing has changed the use of visual and video as marketing tools.

Though sites like Facebook have always allowed you to use videos to help draw in customers, increasing sites are opting to add video features, with Pinterest being the most recent. So what makes a truly successful social media marketinrsz_1shutterstock_168111539g video? Though there is some measure of chance to the equation, there is a basic formula that most of these videos follow.

First consider your audience. This will help you decide the length of your video, most are generally under two minutes, and will help you set the tone for your video. Your audience will help determine what type of content and the way your video needs to be set up. Don’t forget, your audience is the most important part of your advertising campaign.

Next consider your product. Figure out what method of video advertising is going to showcase the product best. Say for instance you are selling a brand of shoes; you will want to make sure you showcase the shoes without losing the actors or muddling the message of your overall video advertisements.

Last, consider the platform you will be sharing on. Most platforms have a basic upload format with videvideo-marketing-toolo length requirements, file size, etc. A good rule of thumb is to look at the requirements and format of the platform you will be using before you start work to insure you are creating a video that will work on a particular social platform.

Overall, the basics of a great video advertisement are as follows, the video is geared toward your audience, it’s tailored to the product and to finding the best way to showcase that product to the viewers. Showcase a video that sets your product video apart from other video advertisements. Take the time to make something catchy and unique. A great video advertisement will reward you with new customers and new followers that will help propel your business to the next level.

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